Catering specifically to the real estate industry, ÖKO Quick Flip specialises in preparing properties for sale and lease. Our background in real estate allows us to clearly identify the most effective ways to improve your property in order to see the highest return without the cost of a full renovation and risk of over capitalising. With our professional trade teams behind us, we are able to organise and execute the work to the highest standard within the shortest time frame possible.

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Who do we cater to?

Our process at Öko Quick Flip is mainly tailored towards real estate agents. Our keen eye for design paired with our background in real estate ensures you’re clients yield the highest profit margin at sale/lease. Often clients are keen to hit the market ASAP, therefore making our quick turn around ideal.

How do we benefit agents?

Our quick flip service takes the hassle out of preparing properties for sale. We manage the selected trades to get the job done as quickly as possible. This frees up your time as an agent to focus on selling/leasing the property which helps build those long term relationships with landlords.

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Services we provide:
  • Internal and external painting

  • Flooring - Carpet/floorboarding/tiling 

  • Window treatments - Curtains/blinds

  • Landscaping & garden clean

  • General internal and external clean 

  • Deck repainting & re-staining

  • Fixture replacing - lighting/handles/knobs

  • Styling for sale

  • High Pressure cleaning

  • Minor structural work

  • Bathroom renovations

  • Kitchen renovations

  • Laundry renovations

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